About us

We’ve already been doing business for more than 9 years in the countries of European Union. Our team SAIS BVBA is based in Belgium and constructs residential and non-residential objects across Europe.

Our project is the extension of our real business, which success is time-proven.


We’d like to provide the opportunity for the owners of digital assets to spend their savings on buying and rental of real estate in the best angles of Europe. And today, at the start of our project, we offer to contribute to the tokens, secured by the property, joining ICO of Cottage project.


CottageCoin tokens (CTG) is a valuable digital asset, which will be used at the biggest crypto currency markets. Yearly the token owners will receive dividends and be able to spend them on buying or rental of real estate.

Why Cottage?

We have gained enough experience and opportunities to realize large-scale business projects. Now we intend to combine the best practices and the background in construction field with innovative ideas and the trends, changing the real estate market before our eyes.

Cottage project will give opportunity for all the owners of digital assets to spend their savings on buying and rental of cottages and apartments, built by SAIS BVBA company.

By expert estimations there are already millions of digital assets owners. All of them are our potential clients and the demand on buying real estate is growing among them. We are the first, who are ready to fully satisfy the growing demand, providing the wide range of objects for buying in crypto currency.

Idea in short

Ever dreamed of having cottage in Spain, France or Belgium? It doesn't really metter if you did or not, we build it for you very soon. Why for you? because you will be owning the token which can be used for renting/buying the cottages we will be building. In the video on the right we have a visualisation where you can take inspiration from.


With the help of ICO we plan to attract the investment resources for realization of our construction projects. As we suppose, our token sale will be interesting for the owners of digital assets, who would like to transfer them into the more secure investment tool and not to tremble anytime they hear the news about the possible Bitcoin rate falling. The funds, attracted during the ICO, excluding administrative expenses, will be used for the purchase of land and the construction of objects.

We intend to organize 2 rounds for ICO:
Preliminary token sale — Pre-ICO

Issue volume — 1 000 000 CTG
Start date: 11/27/2017
Duration: 1 month

Main token sale — ICO

Issue volume — 140 000 000 CTG
Start date: 2/1/2018
Duration: 4 weeks

Price: 1 ETH = 600 CTG

The earlier you participate in the ICO, the more bonuses you get after purchasing tokens.
You can estimate the amount of tokens you will receive after using our online calculator.





More than 200 ETH 20% bonus
Less than 200 ETH 12% bonus
First week 10% bonus
Second week 8% bonus
Third week 5% bonus
Fourth week no bonus

The unsold tokens will be automatically destroyed, and the further issue will be impossible. ICO will be considered successful in case of selling at least 2 000 000 CTG. Otherwise, all the collected funds will be returned to the investors after ICO closure. During Pre-ICO we aim to collect at least 23 000 ETH, in this case we will be able to purchase land plots for our projects already at this step.

Project tokens

Cottage token is a digital asset, issued by Cottage company, which is a subsidiary structure of the construction company SAIS BVBA. After ICO closure, CottageCoin will be added to crypto currency markets. We aim to the growth of token price, as it will be secured by the existing estate objects, and their owners will yearly receive the part of company profit. Yearly we will distribute 15% of total revenue between all the investors. The rest funds will be allocated for the building of new objects, generating income of CottageCoin owners.

Token will be issued on Ethereum platform.
Token name – CottageCoin
Token ticker – CTG
Token standard – ERC20
Token Issuer – Cottage company (real estate owner)

MAR 2008

Company registration SAIS BVBA

FEB 2017

First ICO thoughts with market research afterwards

SEP 2017

Preparation for the ICO

NOV 2017

Pre-ICO starts on th 27th of November 2017

DEC 2017

By the 27th of December Pre-ICO will be ended

DEC 2017

Right after Pre-ICO end we start working on the legal considerations

JAN 2018

Purchising grounds for the constructions

FEB 2018

On the 1st of February the ICO starts!

Q2 2018

We start the constructions works

Q4 2018

Cottages are ready to be sold and are pleced for sale.

Mar 2019

First dividends will be payed the 31st of March 2019

* In case Pre-ICO reaches the cap of 23.000 ETH


During the years of working in construction business, we have assembled a professional team. Today the best specialists in IT and Blockchain fields also joined it.

Radik Sadei

Founder of Cottagecoin, SAIS BVBA and several other businesses. He prefers to invest finances and soul in innovative ideas / projects.

Bram Steelandt

2004 masters architect - St-Lucas Gent
2004 self employed architect
2006 masters urban and spatial planning - St-Lucas Gent

Eli Declercq

2009 masters architect - St-Lucas Gent
2009 self employed architect

Svetlana Isakhanyan

Chief Director of a construction company. Has an economic education in the field of business management.

Pavel Kavalchuk

Easily copes with the responsibilities of the construction manager and the personnel department. For 12 years of work in the field of construction gained tremendous experience.

Vladimir​ ​Andronov

​Passionate Full Stack Web Developer with over 10 years of experience. The motto for this guy: "Coding is not my job, coding is my mission".

Nikolay​ ​Zabashtanskiy

Excellent specialist in UI / UX. Perfectly understands the psychology and habits of people due to what boldly calls himself "Profi."

Vitaly Stetsyuk

Programmer by education, god of video by vocation. Videos of any complexity (including 3D graphics). Successfully copes with the distribution of tasks in the team.

Aleksandr Naumov

Blockchain programmer


You can learn more about Cottage project from our Whitepaper